abc360 had a press conference in Beijing, officially announcing its $30M Series B+ round financing and the new brand Landi Subject English targeting at the K12 market

abc360, a platform for Chinese students learning English, has raised a $30 million Series B+ round from Hujiang EdTech, Zero2IPO, LANXUM Capital, Datou Capital, Whales Capital and Himalaya. Focusing on aspiring English speakers aged from 5 to 18, abc360 facilitates real-time online courses with native English speakers via webcam. The company has raised $50 million thus far; its most recent round was a $15 million Series B in March 2016.

The Series Angel, A, B and B+ round come from a list of notable investors that includes Hupan Shannan Capital (founded by Alibaba), Tencent Investment, and Hujiang EdTech (strategically invested by Baidu), that is to say, abc360 is the only online education platform chosen by the three Internet giants in China—BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent).

abc360 has been growing at 400% year-over-year, and it now has 600,000 registered students in China and some 3,000 instructors on its platform. Office-based Instructors are mainly teaching from the two teaching centers in the Philippines, but also home-based teachers from the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and East and Southeast Asia.

Abc360 has been providing customized real-time one-on-one English courses to Chinese learners in the past 4 years, until recently the birth of its high-end brand, Landi Subject English. By adopting the student-centered teaching method, Peer Study, together with the betterment of our online teaching platform, Landi has revolutionized online courses from one on one to one on many.

Landi has made its official launching ceremony in Beijing, China on April 19th. Our CEO Shawn did a wonderful presentation of Landi to all the investors and the press present. Landi now has 150,000 registered users on it platform and is growing by 45% per month since its launch in 2016.

Landi Subject English was developed based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) with an immersive teaching system. The curriculum is especially designed for Chinese students who are learning content through an additional language, aiming to positively transform Chinese students’ English learning patterns. What’s more, by recruiting teachers only from the U.S., UK and Canada, Landi aims to provide students with the most efficient learning environment.