Thanksgiving Greetings From Teacher Ana

Hello, I’m teacher Ana. I don’t usually celebrate Thanksgiving, but today I got some lovely wishes from some of my students so I would like to say:

I’m thankful for Rhino so I made you a yellow and black yoyo, because yellow and black are your favorite colors, and he always plays with yoyos. I made some happy apples for Sarah, because food with faces always makes her laugh. And I drew my little Ella as a mermaid, because she’s almost a real mermaid.

For all my other students a big heart, and for everyone working at Landi, operators and teachers, some flowers! Happy thanksgiving!

Meet Teacher Jessica Lamb!


Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I have been a teacher here at Landi for the past three months.

I would like to say thank you very much for recognizing me as the top regular teacher for the month of October. My experience so far has been truly rewarding and fulfilling and it brings me so much joy to see the progress that my students have been making, not only in terms of their English speaking abilities but with their confidence as well.

So thank you very much Landi management and staff, for your ongoing support and training. Congratulations on your new product developments, it is very exciting. And I feel very honored to be a part of this Landi community.

So if I had to share three tips with my fellow Landi teachers, they would be:

Number one. Make your class as fun as possible. It is so important to get the student laughing and engaged in a complete comfortable environment.
What I love to do is incorporate singing and dancing and my students absolutely love it.

Number two. I would say, ask your students questions about their interests and their likes. You know, just getting them talking would help them increase their vocabulary and as well it could create a very strong connection between you and your students and who knows, you might find out that you have plenty in common with them.

Number three would be to assess as much as possible and provide high-quality feedback to both parents and students. What I love to do is get familiarize myself with the course objectives and I take as many notes as possible during my lesson to be able to provide that feedback to the parents and they abosolutely love it.

So I just want to say thank you very much. Those were my three tips and I hope you guys have a wonderful week.

Happy teaching!

Landi Subject English Product Upgrade Conference

On November 6, Landi Subject English Product Upgrade Conference was held in Beijing. Landi Subject English founder and CEO Li Jing, Harvard University professor Eric Mazur, Landi executives, investors and dozens of parents attended the conference to witness the historic moment of Landi Subject English.

Li Jing, the founder of Landi Subject English, introduced Landi’s brand development process.

At the conference, Li Jing said Landi always adheres to the “English For All” mission, and it’s committed to making English learning a better experience.

In order to give children the best teaching experience, Landi conducted extensive tests on different types of classes and finally found that small class is more suitable for online English learning.

Prior to founding Landi, Shawn Li worked as a software development engineer in Japan for many years. He’s very experienced in data and product analysis.

VP Melanie introduced Landi’s comprehensive upgrade of its new product. She shared valuable ideas on the classroom role orientation, teaching content arrangement, teaching activities design and so on.

With the characteristic of scenario design, interaction and gamification, Landi is closer to the target of strategy integrating as well as attracting and helping kids through a dynamic platform.

Play hard, study hard!

In 1991, Harvard professor Eric Mazur began designing an instructional strategy for teaching called peer instruction.

Peer Instruction (PI) has been found to be more beneficial than class-wide discussion or lecture.

‘How much do students gain from peer instruction to direct instruction? The gain was 3 times as large. If you permits your students to learn from each other, everybody wins.’

After professor Mazur’s speech, Shawn Li appointed prof. Mazur to Landi Subject English research and development consultant. Welcome to join our Landi family!

Professor Eric, peer learning research fellow Daphne and parent representative made a brainstorming session during the conference to discuss the significance of peer learning in children’s growth.

Landi COO Sophia Lin released exciting operating data with a student renewal rate of over 85%.

Landi is also very strict in teacher recruitment. Out of every 10 online teachers, only 2 are in line with the Landi small class teaching qualifications.

Lucky draw! Shawn Li and prof. Eric gave prizes to lucky audiences. After the conference, guests and parents took pictures with prof. Eric Mazur.

Landi Subject English product upgrade conference ended successfully. Thank you ALL for being a member of the Landi family and we really appreciate your support for Landi, our students, and the teaching profession.

Landi will keep moving forward, improving services and upgrading our products.