Review From Teacher Nikki

I would like to review Landi.

I applied in November and I had an interview and was hired two days after I sent my resume. They waited for me to finish my other job at another ESL company before activating me, and then they let me know with plenty of time that my start date would be bumped a week (maybe it was two?), so I was able to keep working my last job in those weeks. They wait until there is a new batch of students and then start a batch of students and a batch of teachers at the same time. It’s kind of brilliant. So the week I started I was fully booked immediately, which was WAAAY better than another experience I had where I waited 7 weeks before my FIRST class. I was fully booked from the beginning and then since then I have been pretty well booked. I open 17 hours a week and I have never dropped below 13 hours booked and usually it’s more like 15.

They pay very well. They provide overrides in case you have an emergency so that we don’t suffer big penalties for small mistakes, illnesses or unforeseen circumstances. One of my favorite things about Landi are the teams. Each teacher is in a team and we have constant communication with a supervisor. I have had a number of private chats and video chats with supervisors there. I feel like they treat teachers like people and they are very good at humanizing their company as well. When I have a problem, I know exactly who to contact and I get prompt responses (taking into account the time zone).

In my time at Landi, I have seen clear and frequent communication, a constant desire to improve and serve students better, fantastic training, and responsiveness to teacher requests/feedback. Landi is a growing company and there are some things that I don’t love (like steep financial penalties for some infractions – though with the overrides they provide, I suppose you’d have to commit a few infractions before the penalty hits, so maybe that’s not such a problem), and sometimes I teach the same lesson repeatedly – at the very beginning when I was a new teacher teaching all brand new students this was extreme. But for the most part it’s wonderful.

I love the lessons and the platform. The graphics are engaging and I find that, for the most part, the lessons include enough materials to fill 25 minutes without too much trouble, while also leaving plenty of room for creativity and conversation as well. I like how interactive the lessons are and I LOVE that Landi hits so many ways of learning – videos, music, reading, writing, body movements, dancing, TPR, listening, speaking, crafts, workbooks (physical, paper workbooks that Landi sends to each Landi kid!!)… It’s just such a wonderful curriculum.

My absolute favorite thing about Landi is the students. We get regular students pretty quickly, so about three quarters or more of the slots I teach each week are kids I see 1-2 times a week. Which I completely LOVE. I find teaching regular students to be an entirely different experience than teaching new students. And the VAST majority of the students I’ve encountered in Landi have been COMPLETELY lovely.

Recently, because of something that’s happened in my family, I have to leave Landi, at least for a while. I had a wonderful conversation with the HR coordinator and we talked about everything. And so leaving Landi is just as lovely and human as everything else about this wonderful company. I have literally cried about leaving Landi and especially my sweet students. And I will be back as soon as I can be. <3

I 100% recommend this company

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