Teacher Kate’s Story with Landi

My name is Kate Morgan, and I am glad to be a Landi English teacher. There are many reasons I find it beneficial to work with Landi. The extra income is nice, but it is not the only reason. I love the flexible work that I can take with me while I am on the road as a film blogger and filmmaker. I also enjoy seeing students become more proficient English speakers while spending time on the platform and with Landi teachers as a matter of course.
Teaching with Landi English is a great pleasure for me as an educator and as a measure of preparation for my doctoral degree studies. I find it a joy to be able to interact with Chinese students every morning as they wind down their day and prepare for their evenings. To make English a part of the weekly learning is a struggle in time and balancing activities for many of them, I know. It’s beautiful to be able to see their progress as they repeat their classes with me.
To see students and their parents come together as the students work on learning new words and concepts is also very rewarding for me. To see both the parent and student round out their pronunciation or learn a new point of grammar is always a very exciting moment. I know I have helped a whole family then speak better English.
I greatly enjoy the way that I can see students progress from their first lesson to their third, and even their fourth with new material. When they are able to pronounce the right word after many tries, it makes me happy to be part of their overall learning experience.

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