This Landi Super-Teacher has Earned her Place on the Olympic Podium

“Wow! She has attended the Olympic games!”

“No way, that’s amazing!”

Operators Jessica and Kevin shocked me with this great news.

It is known that there are a lot of talented teachers working at Landi, but I didn’t expect that we have such a low-key and excellent one who has won gold medals!

Well, let me tell you more about her: the gold medal winner, teacher Danielle Brown!

Danielle is from the U.K. She was always lively and adventurous since childhood.

Danielle in her childhood

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome when she was 16. It’s a nervous systems illness that will cause severe pain – which means, she will never be able to stand on her feet.

Danielle’s self-esteem was challenged because she couldn’t go anywhere without crutches and a wheelchair. “I will never accomplish my dreams. Did my life just end before it even starts?”

Danielle practicing archery

Luckily, Danielle’s family discovered her talent in archery. After 5 years of training, she joined the British national team and started her medal-winning journey:

Gold medal in Summer Paralympics, Beijing 2008 (20 years old)
Gold medal in IPC World Championships, Nymburk (21 years old)

Gold medal in Commonwealth Games, women’s team 2010 (22 years old)
Gold medal in IPC World Championships, Turin 2011 (23 years old)

Silver medal in Arizona Cup, Phoenix, Arizona 2012 (24 years old)
Gold medal in Summer Paralympics, individual, London 2012 (24 years old)

She has also been on many magazine covers and was rewarded as the Disabled Athlete of the Year by The Sunday Times.

“I had this real wake up moment in Beijing 2008 – out there I saw the most incredible athletes achieving spectacular things in spite of their disabilities. It put my problems into perspective and I started to accept myself for who I was rather than who I wanted to be.”

Danielle Brown

Besides archery achievements, Danielle also studied law at Leicester University and was awarded a first-class honours degree.

After she retired from archery, she didn’t want to stop pursuing her life goal, so she started her new careers:

1. Coach: she helps to reduce the mental stress of students, and improve their concentration through training.

2. Social activist: she’s devoted to public welfare and has participated in various charity events.

3. Public speaker: she got on stages, including TED, and shared her story with thousands of people. Her talk was rated by many people as one of the best TED talks ever.

4. Writer: Danielle co-wrote a book called Be Your Best Self with Nathan Kai who is an 8-year-old boy in Mensa. They inspire children to be the best of themselves by focusing on the themes of building self-confidence, pursuing perseverance as well as raising aspirations and self-care. The book will be published in the UK in September!

To know her better, we specially interviewed teacher Danielle.

“China is a place that I have a great affinity with. Because I work with Landi English, I won my first Paralympic gold medal in Beijing 2008, and I have also spent quite a lot of time competing in Shanghai.”

‣ Why do you choose to become an online teacher? How did you know about Landi?

“I am passionate about working with children and helping them grow and develop. I do lots of work in schools where I visit once or twice and help them develop important skills like building confidence and resilience and teaching them how to achieve BIG goals. Whilst this role is super exciting, I don’t really get to know individual children and see them growing and making progress over a long period of time, and I wanted to develop my skill set by doing this.”
“I looked at different teaching providers and Landi English really appealed to me. It got a great review by other teachers on Facebook, the timings worked around my other roles and I loved the format and style of teaching. I heard back straight away and the onboarding staff are lovely.”

‣ Tell us about your experience at Landi.

“I really enjoy working with Landi. The students are fantastic and it’s so amazing helping them learn a new language and seeing them develop each week. It’s great when we make breakthroughs and I also love the different personalities that I get to see every week. Some of my students are full of energy, some are really hard working, some do some fantastic actions and bring great props to lessons, and some are really cheeky. Every lesson is so different and I love learning from them too.”

‣ What do you want to say to your students at Landi?

“Dream big, work hard and never give up. We all have the ability to achieve great things, so set your sights high, keep persisting and believe that you will get there.”

Written by Max Zhang
Translated by Helian Ding
Edited by Blair Zheng